are you where you want to be?

Being in the here and now and keeping your dreams alive.

Questions are often better than answers.

Being asked a question makes you think about possible answers. A good question will make you think about the question itself. Answers to this question involve asking two other questions:

1. Where are you?

Think on two levels:

1. Where are you in this present moment - dwelling on the past or fretting about the future?

2. And where are you at this stage in your life - is it going as well as you had hoped for?

Allow the answers to come and when they do ask yourself the second question:

2. Is where I am where I want to be?

Happiness is based on two things:

1. joy and pleasure

2. life satisfaction and fulfilment

To experience joy and pleasure we must be in the present moment.

To experience life satisfaction and fulfilment we must be on our path.

So two more questions

1. What can you do to be right here right now, living in the present moment?

2. What are your dreams and how can you keep them alive?