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Let Us Play

What have you forgotten about yourself? 

Ok, that’s a tough question, because you’ve forgotten it right? Well maybe. Except it’s only forgotten, not unknown. So it is possible to remember it. 

In fact, I’m sure you get glimpses of it everyday.

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Don't Let The System Grind You Down

I officially started working in mental health at the age of 25, but my apprenticeship began as a child. 

My parents and their friends were social workers, psychiatric nurses, counsellors and psychologists. Good people, passionate and compassionate about helping others and constantly frustrated. I learnt two things - 'the system doesn't work' and I never, ever wanted to work in mental health. 

Be careful what you don't wish for! Forty odd years later and 'the system still does't work' and is also still full of good people. 

If you're one of them, this blog is for you.  

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