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My books blend stories, self-help and my favourite theories and activities from psychology and personal development.

I have two books coming soon to Amazon and Kindle.

The Procrastinators Guide To Killing Yourself - How To Live When Life Is Unlivable

I've spent most of my working life in 'suicide prevention' as a government advisor, university researcher and developer of countless health services and national initiatives.

Unfortunately I've never been able to include the main thing that I found useful when I wanted to kill myself - 'suicide procrastination'.

This book includes my five steps of how I found a way forward rather than a way out.

The Madifesto - Better Being and Belonging

Based on my personal experiences of madness and nearly twenty years working in addiction, mental health and suicide prevention this is my vision of an accepting, inclusive and supportive World

The Madifesto has ten statements to bring together individuals, families, communities and societies in making better responses to these human experiences .

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