Freedom Freelancing

How to earn more, work less and still make a difference.

Gareth Edwards

Freedom Freelancing

How to earn more, work less and make a difference.

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The Freedom Revolution
3½ Signs You Are A Freelancer
Five Simple Things To Do Before You Quit Your Job

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About Freedom Freelancing

Work can really work - for you!

Imagine this…

You get paid what you know you truly deserve. Enough to pay the bills and then some.

With plenty of time for your friends and family, and of course yourself! To relax and enjoy life.

What if you could have even more?

What if you could choose meaningful work. The stuff that makes you feel like you are really making a difference. And you do this work with people who respect and value what you do.

What would you give

  • to be financially free?

  • to have more time?

  • to feel less stressed?

  • to live your dreams?

Who, what, why, when.. and how!

I created Freedom Freelancing as your positive and practical guide to increasing your income, free time and impact through your work.

I share my journey to success and the best theories and activities from my 25 years in psychology and personal development.

The full guide (in my store ) includes:

  • Setting up. Start with what you have now and grow your saleable skills.

  • Making money. Set your hourly rate and find better ways to get paid.

  • Making a difference. Get work that feels purposeful to you.

  • Sell your skills, not your soul. Get clients by reputation not 'marketing'.

  • Start with success. Embrace your fears and grab hold of your hopes.

"A useful framework for anyone thinking about freelance work.

Illustrated with an inspiring personal narrative, and well-structured exercises for working out the best approach you can take to making positive steps to achieve your goals, whatever your circumstances."

Dr. Dom Maddell, Psychology PhD

Dr. Dom Maddell, Psychology PhD

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Free Book - 3½ Signs You Are A Freelancer

3½ Signs You Are A Freelancer

A quick check list to see if freelancing is right for you.

Based on how I felt before I found freedom through freelancing and what I see in people I've mentored.

How you work, why you work and what excites you will tell you if you are a freelancer.

Free Book - The Freedom Revolution

The Freedom Revolution

Everything you wanted to know about freelancing, from the $1b gig-economy to the rise of the iPro.

Sick of work and dream of a being your own boss? See where your skills fit as a freelancer.

Latest facts and stats, including the top ten freelance careers and industries.

Free Book - Five Simple Things To Do Before You Quit Your Job

Five Simple Things To Do Before You Quit Your Job

The five things I did before I took that leap of faith.

Includes free activities you can do right now and how I took baby steps to full-time freelancing.

Read this before you sack your boss!

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