most of us want to


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this is NOT rocket science!

Joy is feeling happy


A good laugh, singing in the shower, dancing in the kitchen, time in nature, being creative.

It is when we say: I feel happy!

Fulfilment is being happy


Creating our sense of identity, purpose and belonging that encourages us to be all we can be.

It is when we say: I am happy!

why we forget

Back to Front Happiness

Happiness Back To Frony

We often that believe once our life is sorted out, we will be happier.

What if it's the other way round - once we are happier, our life gets sorted out?

Negativity is Our Nature


We are designed to detect danger, on high alert for something that could harm us.

Our instinct is tuned to fear and so a little counter balancing can be useful.

remembering happiness

Gareth Edwards

It starts when you recognise what you already have.

I believe that you already know what brings you joy in your life, even if you're not feeling it right now. And if you are unsatisfied with life, you know why and what would improve it.

Knowing is easy, remembering less so.

I love reminding people that they already know how to feel and be happy.

I create songs, books, courses and events and to help you remember your own happiness.