Gareth Edwards
  • "Bluesy, reggae, country, relatable, encouraging, humorous, serious, happy songs."
    A fan with discerning ears

  • "You’ll enjoy his take on life, love, happiness. You probably haven't heard anything like this in a while."
    Graham Reid | Elsewhere Magazine

  • "He creates music as food for the happy soul inside of you."
    Pat Armistead | Joyologist

  • "A singer-songwriter who puts his heart where his mouth is."
    Johnny Matteson | Mad Musician

  • "Mellow meets melody, music like an old friend that you can lie back and relax in a hammock with."
    Michelle Bunt | Self Love Medicine

  • "Songs about the human condition told with a funny, gentle, kind acceptance that is his gift to us."
    Tracey Cannon | Activist

  • "Messages of laughter, light, belief and hope that we all need to embrace our wonderfully imperfect selves."
    Dan Allan | Body in Space