There are actually two kinds of laughter:

There is the laughter we do every day when someone tells a joke or a funny story. This helps us connect with each other like a social glue.

Then there is the laughter that is uncontrollable, that can have us in tears and gasping for breath. No one really knows why we laugh this way, but it sure feels good.

Laughter can:

* Reduce cortisol – the ‘stress hormone’ that gets us edgy and fatigued
* Increase endorphins – ‘happy hormones’ that give a natural high and relieve pain
* Boost immunity – that helps us fight disease and infection
* Stimulate respiration – empties the lungs of stale air and fills with oxygen rich air
* Improve heart health – increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure after the laughing  

So laugh could well be the best medicine.

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