There’s not many weeks that go by where I’m not aware of my mental health - either the so-called lack of it or things I should apparently be doing to increase it.

I was diagnosed Bipolar when I was 25 and no one has ever undiagnosed me.

Nearly twenty years on I’ve learnt a thing or two about making the most of those ups and downs that characterise my alleged ‘condition’. Mostly what I’ve learnt is how to embrace the full range of my life experiences and stay the functional side of any medical meddling.

And from what I can tell, most people just muddle along as best they can trying to make sense of the often conflicting and contradictory advice on ‘mental health’.

And I think that’s real problem.

What does ‘mental health’ actually mean?  

We spend this one week in 52 waving a flag for something that no one can really pin down.

And what about all of us who either don’t have ‘mental health’ or don’t want it?

I kind of like the things we are told are symptoms of an unproven mental illness.

They make us human in rather marvellous ways.

So perhaps rather than this huge focus on ‘mental health’ that no one can define, most of us fall short of and many of us would rather do without, how about we appreciate who are.

How about next year we go for Marvellous Humans Appreciation Week?